Orthofix Announces Presentation of Clinical and Scientific Abstracts During the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting

October 6, 2020

LEWISVILLE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 6, 2020-- Orthofix Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:OFIX), a global medical device company with a spine and extremities focus, today announced the presentation of multiple clinical and scientific abstracts during the North American Spine Society (NASS) 2020 virtual annual meeting October 6-9.

“We are pleased to present a wide range of abstracts as we continue to build on the body of clinical evidence that supports our technologies,” said Kevin Kenny, Global President of Orthofix Spine. “These data will continue to guide our direction as we collaborate with physicians and researchers to drive the next innovations in spine.”

At this year’s virtual conference, Orthofix is presenting a variety of industry abstracts focusing on the company’s M6-C artificial cervical disc, the Trinity ELITE Allograft with viable cells (processed exclusively for Orthofix by MTF Biologics), the FIREBIRD SI Fusion System, and various PEEK Titanium Composite (PTC) spacer systems.

Industry Presentations

Motion Preservation
“Improvements of Quality and Motion and Associated Patient Outcomes: An Analysis of Two-Year Clinical Results for a Novel Compressible Core Artificial Cervical Disc as Compared to Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion” – abstract presentation by Dr. Frank Phillips, Dr. Rick Sasso, Dr. Todd Lanman, Dr. William Lavelle, Dr. Scott Blumenthal, Dr. Carl Lauryssen, Dr. Richard Guyer, Dr. Todd Albert, Dr. Jack Zigler, Dr. Frank Cammisa, and Dr. Robert Alden Milam.

  • This abstract reports specific two-year clinical and radiographic results associated with the use of the M6-C artificial cervical disc or anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) for the treatment of single-level symptomatic cervical radiculopathy. Click here to view the full abstract and results.

“Preliminary Clinical and Radiographic Results From a Multicenter, Prospective Lumbar Spinal Fusion Study of Trinity ELITE Allograft” – presentation by Dr. Anthony Russo, Dr. Daniel Park, Dr. J. Rafe Sales, Dr. Timothy Peppers, Dr. Joshua Wind, and Dr. Hamid Hassanzadeh

  • This abstract reports the outcome measures from a partial patient cohort of a prospective, multicenter clinical study that assessed the safety and effectiveness of cellular bone allograft in patients undergoing lumbar arthrodesis at the 12-month follow-up point. The presented results are from an ongoing study. Click here to view the full abstract and results.

“Viable Cellular Bone Allografts Can Support Angiogenesis In Vitro” – presentation by MTF Biologics and Orthofix, Adiba Chowdhury, M.Sc., and Anouska Dasgupta, Ph.D.

  • This abstract characterizes the angiogenic properties of the Trinity ELITE allograft with viable cells. Pre-clinical results may not be indicative of clinical performance of the Trinity ELITE allograft with viable cells. Click here to view the full abstract and results.

Spine Fixation
“Does Implant Profile Matter to the SI Fusion Construct Stability?” – presentation by Samuel Fang, Ph.D.

“Nano-scale Surface Features of a Novel PEEK Titanium Composite (PTC) Interbody Cage: A Morphological and Cellular Evaluation” – presentation by Erik Waldorff, Ph.D., Jiechao Jiang, Ph.D., Nora Bloise, Ph.D., Giula Montagna, Livia Visai, Ph.D., Sam Fang, Ph.D., Nianli Zhang, Ph.D., James Ryaby, Ph.D.

  • This abstract examines the morphological and direct cellular effects of surface nano-features of the FORZA® PTC Spacer System, CONSTRUX® Mini PTC Spacer System, and the Pillar® SA PTC Spacer System as to their potential importance in the overall performance of the novel PTC interbody cages. Click here to view the full abstract and results.

For more information about products highlighted by Orthofix during the 2020 virtual NASS meeting, please click here to view our interactive presentation.

About Orthofix

Orthofix Medical Inc. is a global medical device and biologics company with a spine and extremities focus. The Company’s mission is to deliver innovative, quality-driven solutions as we partner with health care professionals on improving patients’ lives. Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, Orthofix’s products are distributed in more than 70 countries via the Company’s sales representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit www.Orthofix.com.

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